Shalosh Plus One

Welcome to our new video project, in which once a month, ONE musician we love, is going into the studio with us.
Together, we rearrange one of the band's songs.

The videos are filmed in "one shot" style, meaning, we play and film one take with no editing involved. This allows the music to stay fresh and new, just as we experience it playing with the guest for the first time. The joy and creativity of making music with friends, is the fuel behind this ongoing project.

Its amazing to hear songs we've been playing together for years, get a different color and a different sound, with the guest's unique voice.

We were happy to collaborate with musicians from different genres, Hip Hop, Rock and world music, in addition to our Jazz musician friends. Hope you'll enjoy it.


This first episode features the amazing Echo Morgenstern and her amazing flow.
It was so much fun to bring her into our world!
This is our take on Song for Daniel, from our first album, The Bell Garden.


Episode 2 Feat. Tula

Tula Ben Ari (from Playing For Change and Gema 4) is an Israeli singer preforming all over the world with different bands and musical genres. She joined us with her mesmerizing voice for this new composition called Meditation, and gave it her depth and compassion.

The video was filmed and recorded in the beautiful Jerusalem International YMCA concerts hall.
You can find the original song on the SHALOSH Live vinyl from Bauer Studios.


Episode 3 Feat. Roni Eytan

Roni Eytan, who brings such a good vibe, warm feeling and loving sound to this song, it is as if the song was composed for him to play.

Roni is a young rising star in the jazz world, and it was great to collaborate with him. This is Tune for Mr. Ahmed Jamal, in appreciation to the great legend.

This song was not yet recorded in a trio version.

Episode 4 Feat. Gilad Hekselman

The Orphan Boy who Wanted to be a King.
Featuring the amazing NY based Gilad Hekselman, one of our favorite musicians.
His sound and his emotional virtuosity gave new depths to this composition.
Was so much fun to record this song with him.
You can find the original song on the SHALOSH Live vinyl from Bauer Studios.

Episode 5 Feat. Yehezkel Raz

This episode is a special one, featuring Yehezkal Raz, an amazing musician and an electronic artist.
We just decided to improvise in our SHALOSH plus ONE session. While we usually decide on a song, this time no one knew where will the music go, we allowed the moment and our ears to lead us.
The video was recorded and filmed at the beautiful YMCA in Jerusalem.

Episode 6 Feat. Yasmin Leselrot

Young and inspiring MC who talks about the current state of affairs in Israel, and the powers of music to heal, in the most honest and uncompromising way.
We were happy for the opportunity to use words in our music.

Episode 7 Feat. Daniel Sun Krief

We've met Daniel Sun Krief in a joined show in ‘Yearot Menashe’ Festival last May.  
Daniel is such an incredible singer, and a lovely soul, was so much fun arranging and playing this song with her.
This is 'Hanach Leaatzmecha' (Let yourself go) composed by Daniel and arranged by us.

Episode 8 Feat. Itamar Borochov

The incredible trumpet player, Itamar Borochov, on our song called “The Impossible love story of Jackie and Hannan”.
The song tells the story about Jackie and Hannan, two guys that used to live across Gadi and Matan's place.
Jackie, a very, very loud man, that would yell at everyone, and Hannan, a short and grouchy character, always angry about politics, foreigners and what have you.

Hannan and Jackie had quite a relationship, they would fight, every single day.
We decided to write a song, describing their impossible love story.

Episode 9 Feat. Dayna Stephens

Episode 9 features the amazing Dayna Stephens, one of the most important spirits in today's jazz scene. Dayna brought tons of good vibes to the session, and brought his unique sound into the SHALOSH world.
This is "Rules of Oppression", from SHALOSH’s second album bearing the same title.


* All Episodes was filmed by Aviad Fuchs (except Episode 9 by Gaya Sun).

* All Episodes Mixed by Arik Finkelberg.

// Episode 1 was recorded at HaRafsoda, TLV // Episodes 2,5 was recorded at YMCA Jerusalem // Episode 3,6,7,9 was recorded at Mizlol, TLV // Episode 4 was recorded at the Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem // Episode 8 was recorded at Bardo Studios, TLV //